The Dalles Pickleball

Member - US Pickleball Association


We promote and encourage the sport of Pickleball within The Dalles, Oregon and surrounding areas. TDPBA is an all-volunteer organization, we endeavor to:

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TDPBA membership privileges include:

  1.  Advance signup and/or reduced registration fees for certain organized play, training and/or sponsored events.
  2.  The opportunity to vote for TDPBA officers and on other TDPBA-related issues, as brought to vote by the Board of Directors.
  3.  Access to member only content on the TDPBA website.
  4.  Access to member software, applications, and communications channels.
  5.  Use of Association equipment.

TDPBA Board of Directors

Our next annual meeting will be held during the summer of 2022. Please check out our Calendar of Events for date and time of our meetings.